Hyomin from T-ara is in a relationship with footballer Hwang Ui Jo

Everyone wants to do good things in the New Year and expects the new year to bring a lot of happiness. In the New Year 2022, exciting news has come out for the K-Pop fans. South Korean actress and the member of K-pop girl group T-ara ‘Hyomin’ is in a relationship with footballer ‘Hwang Ui Jo‘. Hwang Ui-jo is a 29 years old South Korean football player who plays as a forward for Bordeaux and the South Korean national team.

The news of their relationship came out when both of them were seen spending time together in Switzerland. An official from both sides told Dispatch, “Now we are in the process of getting to know each other. We have good feelings. We hope you watch quietly over us”. As soon as this news came out, it started trending on social media. The fans of Hwang and Hyomin became very happy with this news and showed their excitement through their posts.

Who is Hyomin?

Some people started saying who is Hyomin? These are people who have just started watching K-pop and who only know k-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink. Such people wonder why ‘Hyomin’ is being trended which is a 2nd generation K-pop idol and also the most famous singer of her time. People who like Hyomin responded very well to such people. Jacques wrote,

K-pop fans not knowing who T-ara’s Hyomin is shows that most of them only listen to 2-3 idols religiously for a few years, then grow out of it and move on to American music. The amount of fans who truly love the genre and know the history is maybe 3% of the online fandom

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One user wrote, “I don’t care if someone is in a relationship or not, but I hate the fact that some new K-pop fans find Hyomin and Hwang boring. Can’t these people just respect them as a couple”.

This fan got very angry at the new K-pop fans and this is how she explained to them about Hyomin.

The Bonus for new K-pop fans

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