After Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ MV, ‘MONEY’ also crosses the 400 million milestone

About 3 months ago, Lisa‘s solo performance ‘MONEY’ music video was released on YouTube. In such a short span of time, this video has crossed the milestone of 400 million views. Lisa is a worldwide famous singer. K-pop fans around the world wait for her songs to be released.

Blackpink’s fanbase is dedicated to making k-pop idols’ songs hit their milestones. When this song got 399 million views, then all the fans together decided to hit this song to a 400 million milestone. K-pop stars are lucky to get so many dedicated fans. As soon as this song hit 400 million, all the fans started congratulating Lisa.

Now fans have intended to make these songs to reach 1 billion views. If they keep doing dedicated streaming like this, then soon we will get to see the news that these two songs have crossed 1 billion views.

Let’s see what Lisa’s fans say about this achievement. Brick Coutinho wrote that we have hit the 400 million milestone on YouTube. Our Queen Lisa deserves this. She is perfect and always makes us proud with her hard work. Another fan wrote that Lisa has achieved a lot of success because of her hard work, charisma, confidence, and talent. Above all, she is the mistress of a beautiful personality from whom she has got the love of millions of people. Praising her, he further wrote that when she smiles then she feels like the sun is shining.

Falaysh wrote that I was attracted to K-pop only because of Lisa. Her stage performance is out of this world. She is the diamond of Blackpink Group who has gained fame all over the world in a very short period of time. I am very happy that she has performed solo and has made a name for herself apart from k-pop. Also, she knows to speak many languages, her future looks very bright.

For the success of the video, fans from all over the world have congratulated Lisa in their languages. It is clear from this that Lisa’s solo music videos are loved by fans worldwide.

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