Nazar Ki Dua: Islamic Prayer to ward off the Evil Eye

Islamic scholars believe that Nazar ki Dua is an Islamic prayer that helps to ward off evil eyes, poisonous pests, and black magic. In this article, we will see which dua is mentioned in the hadith.

Do you want to know what the evil eye is and how it can trouble you? Then you should read this post completely. We have created this post in such a way that you can easily get complete information about the evil eye and how to protect yourself from it. If you want to know about it correctly, then you will have to read this post till the end.

What is Nazar?

Let’s begin with the question of what is “Nazar”. If you have paid attention, you would know that elderly people and our parents always say that someone’s “Nazar” (evil eye) can affect a person or a thing. In reality, anything good can fall under the evil eye. Young children who appear to be happy and playing well, and everyone wants to love them, but their health deteriorates or they become distracted when eating. This is what is called “Nazar Lagana” (affected by the evil eye). It is not necessary that someone intentionally affects with the evil eye, it can happen unknowingly as well.

This works like negative energy. It can be seen in humans through some changes. For instance, if good things are happening like someone getting married and their wife is beautiful, then they may attract the evil eye. Let me explain this with another example. If someone’s business is going well, they often attract jealousy with Evil Eye from others. To prevent anything bad from happening you should leave home after reciting the “Safar ki Dua“.

If you feel that someone in your family or a friend has been affected by the evil eye, do not worry. Share this post with them or try the techniques that we have mentioned here. The remedies that we have mentioned here have been used for centuries.

What is Nazar ki Dua?

The first way to remove the evil eye is to find out whose eye has cast the curse. Later, the person on whom the curse has been cast must be made to perform a Vaju, and the person who has been affected by the curse should be bathed with leftover water. However, the problem with this method is that you must know whose eye has cast the curse, otherwise this method will not work for you. Those who do not know whose eye has cast the curse should adopt the next method.

The prayer recited to ward off the evil eye is called the Nazar ki dua. This prayer will help you protect yourself from the evil eye. Those who have fallen under the influence of the evil eye will be relieved and become happy once they recite this prayer. We have provided the Nazar ki dua below, along with instructions on how to recite it.

The prayer we have shared below is from the Quran. It is best recited in Arabic, but if you have difficulty understanding Arabic, there is no need to worry. We have provided this prayer in English and Hindi as well so that you can understand and recite it properly. If you do not know how to recite it in Arabic, you can recite it in any other language.

Nazar ki Dua
Nazar ki Dua

أَعُوذُ بِكَلِمَاتِ اللَّهِ التَّامَّةِ مِنْ كُلِّ شَيْطَانٍ وَهَامَّةٍ وَمِنْ كُلِّ عَيْنٍ لامَّةٍ

A’uzu bi kalimatilla hit-taammati min kulli shaytaa new-wa hammah wa min kulli ay nil-lammah

अवज़ू बि-कलिमातील्लाही तमात्ति मीन कुल्ली शैतानींन व हम्मातींन वा-मिन कुल्ली अयेनिन लामातिन।

मैं हर शैतान और जहरीले जानवरो से और हर बुरी, हानिकारक, बुरी नजर से आपके मुकम्मल लब्ज़ो के साथ शरण चाहता हूं.

O Allah! I seek Refuge with Your Perfect Words from every devil and from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.


Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to seek Refuge with Allah for Al-Hasan and Al-Husain and say: “Your forefather (i.e. Abraham) used to seek Refuge with Allah for Ishmael and Isaac by reciting the following: ‘O Allah! I seek Refuge with Your Perfect Words from every devil and from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful, envious eye.’ “

इब्ने अब्बास (रजी अल्लाहु अन्हु) से रिवायत है कि, रसूलअल्लाह अल्लाह से हुसैन व हसन (रजी अल्लाहु अन्हु) के लिए तलब किया करते थे और फरमाते थे कि “तुम्हारे बुजुर्ग दादा इब्राहिम (अलैहि सलाम) भी इस्माइल और इस्हाक (अलैहि सलाम) के लिए इन्ही कलीमात के जरिये अल्लाह की पनाह माँगा करते थे।”

Method to Read

Now I will tell you the correct way to recite this prayer. If you do not recite this prayer correctly, it will not work properly. Many people make this mistake and then deny its benefits.

You should recite this prayer 11 times on the person who is facing problems. You should recite this prayer on that person for seven days. If you still do not see any results, you can continue reciting it.

After a few days of reciting this prayer, your child’s happiness, your wedding joy, and your business problems will disappear. You can also find this prayer in the Hadith, but it may be difficult for everyone to find it in the Hadith, so you can use this post. Please share this post with your family and friends.


Nazar Ki Dua kya hai?

Ans. Kisi ko Nazar lagane se use achanak bura mehsoos hone lagta hai, ya fir use ghata zelna padta hain aisi situation me hum use boori nazar lagna kehte hain. Ise utarne ke liye jo dua padhi jati hain use ‘Nazar ki Dua’ kaha jata hain.

Nazar kisko lagti hain?

Ans. Thik se batana mushkil hain ki Nazar kisko lagti hain, par jyatar dekha gaya hain ki jo bacche hote hain, ya naya shadishuda joda, ya fir karobar in mamlo me nazar lag sakti hain.


According to our knowledge, we have provided you with complete information about the reasons for the evil eye on you and the remedies that can be used for it. First of all, we have explained to you what the evil eye is and how it can harm you.

The techniques that we have mentioned in this post have been used by people for hundreds of years. You can check these methods in the Quran and Hadith. Sometimes, even with these remedies, there may not be any improvement in the situation, which could be a sign of some illness. If you have been ill for several days, then please consult a doctor nearby.

We keep posting content related to Islam on this website, so please check it out. If you liked this information, then please share it, and if you want to give any suggestions, please do so in the comment section.

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