This Mother Dog Just Want To Warm Her Puppies

This Dog mother is worried about her babies because of the winter season. So this dog found an old room to keep her puppies warm. But maybe that place was not right for them. She and her puppies were safely shifted to another place.

To rescue, first food was fed to the dog, hence she believed in the rescue woman. The dog was later pulled out through a rope and shifted to a safe place. After this, the dog’s puppies were also rescued.

This video is being liked a lot on social media and the woman performing that rescue operation is being appreciated. A woman named Amber says that people should learn from these people what the word Hero means. To save the children of this dog, these people go to the worst places and save the animals by putting their lives at risk. She wrote, “I feel so lucky to be able to say that this team is called Stray Rescue and is based in my hometown(city) St.Louis!! These people are the true meaning of a Hero!! They go to the worst of the worst place to Rescue animals, they literally risk their own lives to save these babies, and not only do they do that, but also have a TNR program for strays and for families that are low income! These people are freaking AWESOME”.

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