Valimai: The Story of Ajith Kumar and the Criminals

If you are a fan of action movies then you must have seen the Hollywood and the Tamil movies. The story and action of Tamil Movies never disappoint the audience. If you know Ajith Kumar, then you must know how his films are liked by the people. If you like watching such movies then there is good news for you. The trailer of the Tamil movie ‘Valimai‘ has been released in which Ajith Kumar will be seen in the lead role.

In this movie, Ajith Kumar is playing the role of a Police officer and you can see Huma Qureshi with him who played the role of a Police officer. Ajit Kumar would beat his enemies with his fighting skills, but you don’t have such skills, do you? Safar ki dua can be helpful for you to avoid troubles in travel. Apart from these, Karthikeya Gummakonda, Raj Ayyappa, VJ Bani, Sumithra, and comedian yogi babu also worked in this movie. At the beginning of the trailer, some people are seen on bikes who attack a van in which a man is being taken somewhere. Those people wanted that man to die, maybe that man knows something about those people or is going to testify against them. Later it is shown that Ajith Kumar and Huma Qureshi are doing some investigation as police officers. In this movie, you will also get to see action scenes with Ajith Kumar and goons.

This trailer has been released in the Tamil language on the official YouTube channels of Soni Music South and Zee Studios. This video has crossed over 4 million views in just three hours after its release.


  • Ajith Kumar
  • Huma S Qureshi
  • Karthikeya Gummakonda
  • Raj Ayyappa
  • VJ Bani
  • Sumithra

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