Manzil Dua Online

Manzil Dua or Surah Manzil is a Dua which is a collection of verses from the Quran. If you also want to read Manzil Dua online or want to get information about it, then in this post you will get detailed information about it like how to recite the dua and how to download its pdf. So, read this post till the end.

Manzil Dua/ Surah Manzil

Its meaning is visible in the name of this Dua itself. “Manzil” means destination and “Dua” means prayer. So this is such a prayer that will help you to reach your destination. It is believed that it will also protect you from evil.

Sometimes some people suddenly feel bad after meeting a person or after going to some place. After this, they have to face many problems. This can be the result of the evil eye. Its victim can be a human being of any age. Women and children can also be harmed by this. In such a situation, you can use this dua.

Whoever wants to take advantage of this dua can read it. Reciting this dua will instill a sense of confidence in your mind, you will feel peace and blessed. This is the advantage of this prayer. With this dua, you will be able to face every problem and you will be able to win over every evil and trouble.

We have given the Dua in Arabic below. You can read it for yourself or for any other person. If you read this dua with the method we have mentioned, then you will see the result very sooner.

Manzil Dua 01 (Surah Manzil)
Manzil Dua 02 (Surah Manzil)
Manzil Dua 03 (Manzil)
Manzil Dua 04
Manzil Dua/ Surah Manzil 05
Surah Manzil (Manzil Dua 6)
Surah Manzil 7
Manzil Dua 8
Surah Manzil 9
Manzil Dua 10
Surah Manzil 11
Manzil Dua 12
Manzil Dua 13
Manzil Dua 14
Surah Manzil 15
Manzil 16
Manzil Dua 17
Manzil Dua 18
Surah Manzil 19
Manzil Dua 20


In this post, we have shared information about Manzil Dua and how to recite it. By reciting this dua, you get rid of troubles. It is believed that by this dua negative thoughts stop coming into your mind and you can concentrate on your goal.

Along with this, you will get freedom from the evil eye. You should try to read it in Arabic. If you have a problem then you can also use other languages. We hope that we have given you the information you needed. Share this post with your friends so that they too can take advantage of it.


What is Manzil Dua or Surah Manzil?

Ans. Manzil Dua/ Surah Manzil is a powerful collection of Quranic verses to reach religious goals and protection from evil.

Who can read Surah Manzil?

Ans. Surah Manzil can be recited by any human being. If you understand Arabic then you can read it.

What is the use of this Dua?

Ans. We have mentioned above many benefits of reciting this prayer. Reciting this dua enables you to reach your religious goals and your obstacles get reduced.

Should Manzil Dua be recited in Arabic only?

Ans. If you read Manzil Dua in Arabic then it is better but it is not necessary. If you do not know how to read Arabic and no one close to you knows how to read, then you can translate it and read it in English, Urdu, or Hindi as well.

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